Ponderosa/Bailey Hydroelectric Project


The Ponderosa/Bailey project is a run of river project located on Bailey Creek south of Shingletown in eastern Shasta County, California. The project consists of a 1.1 MW capacity powerhouse at the end of a 6,500 foot long, 42 inch diameter steel penstock. Hydraulic capacity is 60 cfs and the gross head is 281 feet. The water is diverted into the penstock at a weir and intake structure at the edge of Bailey Creek. The intake structure includes a fish screen and automatic screen cleaner.

The turbine-generator is a horizontal shaft double-Francis style turbine with a synchronous generator. Transmission to the intertie with PG&E is via a 0.3 mile long 12kV transmission line.

Project operation began in January 1990. The owner is Snow Mountain Hydro LLC, in which Ida-West Energy Company owns, indirectly, a 50 percent interest. Operation and maintenance is performed by Ida-West Operating Services, Inc.



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